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I have worked for more than 20 years as an Instructor on Institutes and trainer for Media Companies, so professionals were able to count on the optimized knowledge they need.

If you are in another Country or confined by the quarantine, we can work to train you online.

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Adobe Creative Cloud

> Photoshop CC

> Premiere Pro CC

> After Effects CC

> Illustrator CC

They are the industry standard and I have a wide variety of modalities to train you.
The time is now.

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Da Vinci Resolve

These tools have become the preferred toolbox for Color Correction and Grading.
Now you also have new Editing tools, Fusion in Special Effects, a great multitrack audio tool.
If you are a student learning or a professional porting your workflow out of the Adobe suscription model.

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Code for Kids

These are some tools I have used to teach kids how to code (In spanish).

Games HTML/P5*Js 😲 Games Basic256 😲 Game on Scratch 😲

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