Building Worlds

Each client requires a unique solution, and in terms of 3D I have an option for every need.

The company PCBOX (Grupo Núcleo) relied on my audiovisual language for the Presentation and Launch of its products as the American University of Cairo for Holographic Videos.

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A 3D solution for every need


When the manufacturer of a product is in the Design or Prototype stage, it creates videos for both the same process and for its future launch.

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In advertising, the use of Mascots for branding and marketing is a powerfull catch eyeballs on Television, Media, Games and the Web.

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I can make 3D models as assets for the real-time technology you are using on television graphics, Augmented Reality or Videogames applications.

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Animated Ads

You can see some of my animation works for television and the Web.
To see more about my work, you can explore my Gallery, where ou will find a complete porfolio and backstage material.

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Action Cam  PCBOX Mdqcam
Action Cam  PCBOX Mdqcam
Action Cam  PCBOX Mdqcam
Action Cam  PCBOX Mdqcam
Action Cam PCBOX Mdqcam
Smartband PCBOX care
Pcbox Marc
3d elephants
Tablet PcBox curi
Cell phone smarphone PCBOX KING
PaintCan LUCAS Character

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